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Scientific Story

Countless eons ago, an upright ape picked up a stick from the ground. This action came 
after long observation and deep thought. The ape used the stick to knock down fruit beyond
his reach or possibly to defend himself against a hungry predator. His new invention gave
him an advantage over his surroundings. But that wasn't enough. The curious human, the 
investigator, had began to evolve, with one eye already looking toward the stars. 
His descendants invented the wheel, domesticated fire, developed agriculture and learned 
to build shelters. Even then, the earliest humans understood that their future depended 
on education. The advantage humans held was built on the store of knowledge that each 
generation improved upon and passed on to their children.

The invention of writing accelerated the business of amassing human knowledge. The 
Babylonians recoreded the stras. The Greeks wrote of atoms, and Archimedes planned and 
built inclined planes and dreamed he could move the world if only someone could find
him a suitable fulcrum. A few generations later Leonardo Da Vinci improved on the inclined
plane by inventing the screw, which he designed for use in the propeller of a helicopter 
destined never to fly. Dreams have always preceded achievements. 

Humans directed their sights upward and learned about the organization of the solar system. 
They focused on their own bodies and the bodies of other animals, and thus they learned the
language of microorganisms and living cells, deciphered the genetic code, and created new 
drugs to extend their lives and improve the quality of those lives. Scientific discoveries
are the milestones of human history. They tell the extraordinary story of those who opted 
for the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and went out into the world to explore-on their way
to the stars. the same curiosity and need to investigate that made the thinking ape pickup 
that stick still motivates us to keep advancing along the road. Scientists form all over 
the world continue investigating the world and paving new roots to the future. Every day 
they go out to seek new knowledge in places that human conception has yet to reach.