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Dr. Tiratha Raj Singh | Department of Bioinformatics

Appointments and Academic Achievements

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# Academic Editor, PLOSONE, 2015 onwards.

# Managing Editor, IJCB, 2012 onwards.

# Vice President, Bioclues Organization, 2010-12.

Leadership Activities:

# Coordinator, National Workshop on Statistical Techniques in Biological and Medical Sciences (
STBMS-2016 ) June, 13-18, 2016, JUIT, Solan, India.

# Convener, National Symposium on Computational Systems Biology ( NSCSB-2016 ) March, 18-20, 2016, JUIT, Solan, India.

# Program Committee Member, 6th International Workshop on Biological Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (BIOKDD'15), BIOKDD'15 at DEXA-15, Valencia, Spain.

# Program Committee Member, BioMining'14 (Workshop on Mining Biological and Genomics Data), BioMining'14 , Rabat, Morocco.

# Program Committee Member, 5th International Workshop on Biological Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (BIOKDD'14), BIOKDD'14 at DEXA-14, Munich, Germany.

# Program Committee Member, BioMining'11 (Workshop on Mining Biological and Genomics Data), BioMining'11 , Tangier, Morocco.

# Executive committee member, SIG (Special Interest Group)-Bioinformatics of Computer Society of India (CSI).

# Joint Program Chair, Inbix'10: First Virtual Bioinformatics Conference in India, Feb., 2010.

# Co-organizer, National workshop on Structural Bioinformatics & Systems Biology, Nov., 25-27, DAVV, Indore, India.

# Co-Convener, 5th World Congress on Cellular & Molecular Biology (WCCMB, Nov., 2009) WCCMB, 2009.

Academic Achievements & Research Projects:

# PI in ICMR Research Project on Alzheimer's Disease (AD) for 3 years (2015-2018).

# CO-PI in DBT sponsored major research project under 'Centre of Excellence in Innovations and Biotechnology' for 5 years (2015-2020).

# Served as an Indian member for the PhD jury of a Moroccon student during 2014.

# Served as Indian Host for Prof. Ahmed Moussa for the prestigious CV Raman Fellowship from DST, India during 2013.

# PI in DST FASTTRACK project for young scientists for 3 years (2012-2015).

# Young Scientist Awrad in Ist IFIP International Conference, 2010.

# Post doctoral fellowship from planning and budgeting committee(VATAT), TAU, Israel (2008-09).

Reviewer for Journals:

# BMC Genomics.

# BMC Systems Biology.

# Plos ONE.

# Molecular Cancer.

# BMC Evolutionary Biology.


# Molecular Ecology Resources.


# Infection Genetics and Evolution.

# African J Microbiol Res.

# Advances In Bioinformatics.

# Advances In Biological Chemistry.

# Bioinformatics and Biology Insights.

# Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics .

# Interdisciplinary Sciences:Computational Life Science.

and many more...

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