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Welcome to Dr. Raj's Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Lab

This bioinformatics lab is a highly collaborative group using diverse techniques, both within the lab and with many distinguished basic science and clinical researchers outside.

We are blending multiple scientific disciplines and particularly focussing on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology aspects to elucidate biological problems.

We're constantly learning and applying new technologies to make life easier and happier.

Research Interests: Bioinformatics / Computational Biology
My research interests are concerned with various domains of Bioinformatics / Computational Biology:

* Functional Genomics:
Studying the mitochondrial genomics and evolutionary selection forces shaping genes and genomes and the in-silico predictions of these forces; Plant genomics, Identification and analyses of SNPs, repair genes, proteins, and pathways.
Genetic association studies. Frameshift mutations and their functional consequences. Computational studies on neurological disorders.

* Systems Biology:
PPIs, and other kind of interactions, Modelling of biological systems, and their structural, functional and evolutionary implications and applications. Association studies of various repair entities with special relevance to human disease. System level understanding of Alzheimer's disease.

* Machine Learning and Data Mining:
Patterns in Biosequences, Restriction Endonucleases and their structural, functional and evolutionary studies, Mining biological data for meaningful information.

* Molecular Evolution:
Inferring evolutionary relationships and evolutionary dynamics: biological, statistical and computational aspects;
Mitochondrial Gene Rearrangements; Codon Usage Analysis-Implications and Applications.

* Structural Bioinformatics:
Molecular Modeling, Simulations, CADD and Applications for AD and malignancies.

* MicroRNAs and MicroArrays

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Dr. Tiratha Raj Singh
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