WebFARM: Web Server for Finite Automated Restriction Mapping

WebFARM is a web server that finds restriction endonuclease (REnase) cleavage sites in DNA sequences.

Provides the restriction sequence of the enzyme(s) selectedand the frequency of restriction.

Also it will provide the expanded version of the restriction sequence by converting ambiguous characters in to

specific nucleotides.


Directions of usages

1. User can either select sequence file in FASTA or raw format through browse

option or can type/paste the nucleotide sequence in the given text area.

2. Selection of single, multiple or all REnases can be done as per the

requirements from the provided list of REnases.

3. Clicking on submit will run the server to identify all the information

regarding restriction sites.

4. All the REnases have been provided in alphabetical order to help the user.

5. Control-click to select multiple random REnases and shift-click to

select multiple continuous REnases can be used.

6. Selection of enzymes of choice will overrides all other selection options.