Ragini Raj Singh

I did my Ph.D. in Material Science from Department of Physics , BU, Bhopal, India
under the supervision of
Dr. R.K. Pandey
followed by Postdoctoral studies in
The Department of Physical Electronics
Iby and Aladar Fleishman Faculty of Engineering
Tel Aviv University,Tel Aviv 69978, Israel

At Dr. Yosi Shacham's Lab

Now I am Lecturer at Department of Physics,
JUIT, Waknaghat, Solan, H.P., India.

Email: raginirajsingh@[gmail.com];[juit.ac.in]
Mobile: 91-9625643296

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Research Interests: Material Science /

- Material Science: Thin Solid Films, Semiconductor Devices
- Microfluidics
- Nanotechnology
- Nanobiosensors

Collaborations: learning a lot from each and everyone

* Dr. R.K. Pandey
* Dr. Yosi Shacham
* Amit Ron


* Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) : Life Member

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Raj my husband
A light moment with Pandey sir and his wife
my parents and Charu

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